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The Eastman 200Ah Gel Battery is a deep cycle battery designed for off-grid and solar applications. It features:

  • Superior deep cycle design: This battery is designed for frequent cycling and can withstand repeated discharges and recharges.
  • Very long life: The Eastman 200Ah Gel Battery has a long lifespan, even in demanding applications.
  • Superior recovery from deep discharge: This battery can recover well from even deep discharges, making it ideal for off-grid systems.
  • Wide operating temperature range: The Eastman 200Ah Gel Battery can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -4°F to 140°F.
  • Maintenance-free: This battery is sealed and does not require any watering or maintenance.
  • Spill-proof: The Eastman 200Ah Gel Battery is spill-proof, making it safe for indoor use.

Overall, the Eastman 200Ah Gel Battery is a good option for off-grid and solar applications where reliability and long life are important.


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