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Centrifuge Group through Centrifuge Information Technology Limited is a corporate organization specialized in developing, implementing SUSTAINABLE software solutions in Nigeria and across. We have come together to specifically respond to those actively building, managing and implementing health systems in development world where AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria afflict the lives of millions. Our mission in the area of eHealth is to foster SELF-SUSTAINING health information technology implementations in these environments through peer mentorship, proactive collaboration and a code base that equals or surpasses propriety equivalents. The drive to implement eHealth solution in Nigeria (a developing country) to facilitate C4D aiming to harnessing and leveraging on the many opportunities and advantages, functionalities and capabilities of ICTs to meet demands and requirements of the MDG is no doubt an excellent move.

Ehealth solutions must not be solutions that are brought in from outside and grafted onto the health system. Instead, they must be components desired by stakeholders for incorporation into their system. Such solutions also serve as instruments for enhancing the social cohesion of the professional group.

Centrifuge eHealth enterprise solutions come in three phases

  • eMobile
  • eThick
  • eThin

CITL implements an eHealth suite that achieves the aim of utilizing available ICT infrastructure and ICT challenges to meet health situation in Nigeria. We are well established in database management and control. Meaning our eHealth suite will support the three available ICT models described above.


eMobile is simply on-the-go, on-the-spot health solution where health both aggregated/statistical and/or patient/clinical data are captured, aggregated, analyzed and disseminated. It is the quickest and relatively the most reliable information rendering and usage using hand held device in developing countries.  Our eMobile support easy but dynamic generation of simple forms on any mobile phones for data capturing, retrieval, exchange and localization. Built in are data security features that foster information confidentiality. Our eMobile solution is dynamic everywhere meaning it can be used extensively in all parts of the country whether there is network or not.


eThick solutions are desktop based health applications where health information are not readily available externally . They proffer quicker data access and retrieval locally and randomly. They are very efficient especially in environments that suffer from internet connection facilities. We have implemented and supported various eThick solutions to health organizations. Our Orphan and Vulnerable Children Management Information System “OMIS”, District Health Information System DHIS1.4.


eThin solutions are real time health information systems. They are web based solutions. At least a cheap Local Area Network architecture is required for operation. For multiple connection and data access there must be at least a server to which all users will be connected. eThin solutions are most efficient information management system. It steers an excellent and reliable course of data control, confidentiality, good data management practice, wider distribution and availability of data. Our eThin solutions make leverage on today’s technology for foster state-of-the-art solution. We have implemented eThin solution for the Lagos-Republic of Benin Corridor project.


DHIS 2 is open source software that allows you manage all your data in one place. DHIS 2 lets you manage aggregate data with a flexible data model where everything can be configured through the user interface: You can set up data elements data entry forms, validation rules, indicators and reports in order to create a fully-fledged system for data management. DHIS 2 has advanced features for data visualization, like patient tracker, GIS, charts, pivot tables and dashboards which lets you explore and bring meaning to your data


OpenMRS is a software platform and a reference application which enables design of a customized medical records system with no programming knowledge (although medical and systems analysis knowledge is required). It is a common platform upon which medical informatics efforts in developing countries can be built. The system is based on a conceptual database structure which is not dependent on the actual types of medical information required to be collected or on particular data collection forms and so can be customized for different uses.


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