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The success and integrity of any system in the world today depends greatly on the quality and validity of its data which is translated into different forms of report for the use of both internal and external stakeholders of the organization.

This project is centered around the use of an electronic database application to improve collection, management and monitoring of Heartland Alliance International activities across all its directorates.




Data Entry

DPPI DHIS2 application serves as a data collection, recording and compilation tool, and all data (be it in numbers or text form) can be captured into it. Data entry is done on customized user defined forms based on the original data entry template paper forms. A module for data entry have been created where the reporting unit, activity to be reported on as well as the period of report are selected to display a data entry form.Data Approval

Data Approval

DPPI DHIS2 application has an optional feature that allows authorized users to approve data that has been entered. It allows data to be reviewed and approved at selected levels in the reporting flow hierarchy, so the approval follows the structure of the hierarchy from lower levels to higher levels. After a data of a reporting unit, regulatory activity and period combination has been approved, the data entry form will be locked and any further data entry or modification will be prohibited, unless it is later un-approved by user with such authority.


DPPI DHIS2 reporting module provides a range of reporting alternatives to view and analyze data

Various report functionalities have been configured to track:

  1. Reporting facilities, chefdom, districts, directorates and offices that have submitted data for the month
  2. Raw data from either the source reporting unit or aggregated at higher reporting levels.
  3. Charts and report table design
  4. Dashboard customization
  5. Third party reporting media like the MS Excel which is plugged to the database to pull information as and when needed.


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