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The required Web based data management application is expected to ensure the following:

  • Provides information on the enrolment and re-enrolment rate of clients on the CBHI program.
  • Unique identifiers, biometrics and photos for all clients enrolled on the CBHI program.


The PLAN-Health project is collaborating with SPDC to efficiently manage its community based health insurance program for with Obio Cottage Hospital is the service provider. Recent assessments have revealed the inefficient was data collated by HMOs are being handled. As part of an effort to ensure the CBHI program remains a sustainable means by with universal health coverage can be achieved, SPDC has asked that PLAN-Health support Obio Cottage Hospital with the development of a mechanism by which client enrolment on the CBHI program can be unified. The mechanism will comprise of a single portal by which CBHI client records will be entered into a central data base.


  • Bio metric finger print and photo capture
  • Data entry and analysis of the various data elements using using tables, charts, graphs to suit the client’s need reporting indicators.
  • Data Export using various modules like pdf, excel, word, charts etc
  • Ease  of access by any browser enabled device e.g. mobile phones, laptops, PDAs etc

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