Why your school should have a MOBILE APP!

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Technology is changing the way classroom operates and students learn at an incredible rate. 21st Century schools have moved from hard copy to soft copy. What I’m trying to say is that we live in a world where the internet has taking over the old way of teaching (Paper copy). Students has from the nursery level are knowing how to handle mobile phones and surf the internet. In order for technology to achieve its maximum potential, it must be harnessed and implemented properly.

Mobile apps for schools are apps that covers parent enquiries, student easy learning and staff management.

Some features of the school mobile application

  • Parent’s reminder of school’s events like PTA, Open day, Career day etc. which can be integrated with the mobile phone calendar
  • Parents can get their wards course content at the beginning of terms/semester to help/assist the student at home.
  • Students can get their course content and resources before the term/semester begins so they can read ahead.
  • Parent can get fast answers to question on the mobile app through pre-set answers or through live chat…
  • Parents, students and teachers can report incidents.
  • Result can be sent to parents when it is released.
  • Live stream/ videos of schools events can be gotten for parents who can make it for the events.
  • Parents can make online payment.
  • Students or parent can register for events
  • Teachers can post/ submit their report
  • Forums for discussions on course for both students and teachers.

Advantages  of Mobile Application for Schools

For Schools

  • Improved brand image and higher brand visibility.
  • Helps to eliminate the paperwork or printing of newsletters, thereby reducing cost (financial benefits).
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Reduces the time of school by constant answering of the phone calls and often unnecessary questions.
  • Important school information is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Helps support and maintain a harmonious relationship with parents.
  • Helps the school management to ensure good administration.

For Parents

  • Helps parents to be in touch with school activities
  • Helps maintain good relationship between parent and their wards teachers.

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