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Precision Health Insurance Software (PHIS) was birth out of the need for a robust Insurance Scheme Software that would help health care leaders to offer spontaneous resolutions to key policy challenges affecting health care service delivery especially between the provider and the Health Management Organization (HMO).


PHIS software is web based, programmed in standard JAVA technology, using MySQL relational database system with modules for enrollment, report and administration. PHIS have been successfully launched, deployed and in massive use by Obio Cottage Hospital for all routine health insurance scheme activities.Over 1,000,000 clients information have been captured with a detailed structure for users and stakeholders alike to view capitation list and various report parameters as contained in the database. Till date all outstanding backlogs from the HMOs into the database have been captured. All clients registered are properly accounted for in the database while follow-up to verify that monthly capitation list which represents the exact number of registered clients by the marketers is routinely done.


There is a Tracking incidence process that ensures End-users of PHIS are up to date and effective on the use of the software.

  • Integrated Finger Biometric Capture and Authentication.
  • PHIS features rapid fingerprint capture and recognition real time.
  • ID Card Printing and Barcode Verification.
  • Integrated Payment Platform.
  • Electronic Signature Incorporated.

“The strength and effectiveness of the HMO does not depend on technology, but rather on the system being practical, user-friendly, flexible, and able to generate accurate and timely information.”

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