Development of robust Datawarehouse Management and Control

CentrifugeDevelopment of robust Datawarehouse Management and Control

Short Description

  • Date : Dec 2013 – Aug 2014
  • Categories : DHIS2 Development and Implementation

Key Deliverables and Expected Output

  • Harmonized reporting tools and templates from the 12 NAFDAC directorates
  • Customized and Implemented DHIS 2.15 form templates for planning, research and statistics service routine tools for Laboratory services, drug and food, port inspection, food safety and applied nutrition, narcotics and controlled substances.
  • Develop and set up a unified real time dashboard component integrated in DHIS2.15 that streams product information from the different directorates for decision making and planning.
  • Develop a process based tracking module that monitors product registration, approval flow, notification and feedback.
  • Implement a DHIS2.15 J2ME GPRS/3G with SMS transport.
  • Develop and integrate module for interoperability with structured systems using web services

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