Development and Customization of DHIS2 Software, Operating and Practical Manual

CentrifugeDevelopment and Customization of DHIS2 Software, Operating and Practical Manual

Short Description

Customization and Deployment of DHIS2 database reporting system that will collect all MIS tools of PPFN to include training and support for up to twelve (12) months to PPFN research and IT department.

  • Date : October 2012 - September 2013
  • Categories : DHIS2 Development and Implementation, DHIS2 Training
  • Client : Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN)


The planned parenthood federation of Nigeria (PPFN), as a national non-government organization advocating for reproductive health and rights and providing health services in Nigeria.
  • Planning and assessment of existing database and IT facilities
  • Develop and customize DHIS2 software and accompanying the operating and practical manuals (both hard and e-copy)
  • Configure and deploy DHIS2 covering all project areas of PPFN
  • Customize the software for data capturing and commodity inventory management at the National, State, Local government and Facility level for all the 36 states and the FCT
  • Customize the software to accommodate real time data analysis and reporting for programmes intervention and commodities tracking as well as provide support services on DHIS2 for a minimum of 1 year
  • Provide external but incorporated software to manage and attend to prompt and real time issues arising from national, state, local government and facilities level data management system
  • Ensure indicators interfaced with Arc Explorer or any GIS software that allows data to be presented as thematic maps or analysed further  in GIS software.
  • Ensure that the database is compatible and feeds directly into the National Health Management Information database
  • Develop a protocol indicating the procedure to be followed in entering data into the PPFN – DHIS database at all level.
  • Train the database administrators, programme staff, monitoring and evaluation officers, to operate and manage PPFN – DHIS database.
  • Provide post deployment training and technical support services to all the database users on PPFN – DHIS within the project across location.
  • Provide real time support on PPFN – DHIS database across the states
  • Manage and maintain the database for at least a year.



  • Configure servers in the SRs office with DHIS2 software across 6 regional (36) state offices and PPFN NHQ
  • Ensure the hosting, backup and maintenance of the DHIS2 is on a secured web hosting server
  • Ensure the DHIS2 main server at PPFN headquarters is up and running
  • Ensure the state local server at the 36 offices of the SR are up and running at the time of reporting
  • Develop and issue tracking system for managing DHIS2 related issues
  • Modify and update the DHIS2 modules in accordance with program requirement and specification
  • Manage, troubleshoot and provide solutions to all issues emanating from the use of the DHIS2 software
  • Give technical support to all users at various levels


Develop the capacity of the following people;

  • Monitoring and Evaluation team (4 persons including MIS specialist)
  • Sub recipients focal person (6 regional M&E staff and NHQ)
  • Program staff (4 persons)
  • Data entry clerk,MIS,Corps (NYSC) interns

Build capacity of the research team to manage the platforms (4 persons including MIS specialist)

To provide technical assistance to other departments, units and personnel in the use of DHIS2 database as the need arises

Conduct update training to all users of the DHIS2 software for the period of the contract


  • Receive all backup file monthly and store them in the PPFN HQ database
  • Together with the PPFN database manager, ensure that all data are sent through and they are available for use at the PPFN HQ
  • Generate monthly report for all program areas on the DHIS2 database
  • Configure pivot table for program use at the NHQ and 36 state offices
  • Develop a dashboard for programme evaluation and decision making.



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