Design, Development and Deployment of DHIS2 to include an Operating Manual and SOP for MAPS

CentrifugeDesign, Development and Deployment of DHIS2 to include an Operating Manual and SOP for MAPS

Short Description

Deploy and promote the use of a web-based data management platform for the management of malaria microscopy data in sentinel sites for the NMCP.

  • Date : November 2012 - September 2013
  • Categories : DHIS2 Development and Implementation, DHIS2 Training
  • Client : Malaria Action Program for States (MAPS)


The Malaria Action Program for States (MAPS) is a USAID-funded program led by FHI360 in partnership with Malaria Consortium (MC) and Health Partners International (HPI). MAPS is designed to support the Nigeria National Malaria Strategic Plan for for malaria control. The strategic plan seeks to reduce the incidence of malaria in Nigeria and provides support to the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) through a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the quality, access and uptake of specific malaria control interventions, including LLIN demand creation campaigns, artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), expand use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), behaviour change communication and the delivery of intermittent preventive treatment (IPTp) to pregnant women. The projects works in  Abuja as well as the states of Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Kogi, Nassarawa, Oyo and Zamfara.


Surveillance is an ongoing and systematic collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data about cases of a disease and is used as a basis for planning, implementing, and evaluating disease prevention and control activities. This is an effort to strengthen the harmonized HMIS and the National Malaria Control Programme which is actively involved in the process through its partners’ support, the information captured is however inadequate to capture some basic operational information required to assist programme designing and policy formulation. The Malaria Parasite Sentinel Surveillance (MPSS) therefore is a system established to continuously and systematically collect daily information from the laboratory on individuals presenting with symptoms of malaria and follow up for all confirmed cases following the administration of anti-malaria medicines.


  • Deploy DHIS2 in all seven (7) project-supported states as well as Abuja.
  • Provide ongoing technical support and mentoring for the MAPS staff for nine (9) months post deployment.


To support the customization, deployment and promotion of the use of District Health Information System – DHIS2 for the management of malaria data in MAPS-supported states and NMCP.


  • Customize the web-based template to reflect malaria parasite surveillance tools.
  • Provide hosting services, technical support and maintenance as necessary
  • Train users on data entry and data use at national and state levels
  • Mentor and provide supportive supervision on data management to the sites


  • Recommend the software e.g DHIS2 or any similar software or hardware and accessories need for the project
  • Customize web-based data template for malaria surveillance data
  • Maintain the database for a year, renewable every year
  • Train data entry clerks and data users
  • Produce user manual and data management SOP


  • Customized the web data entry page and design a database content to include hosting with a URL accessible on the internet.
  • Developed and build the capacity of key officers, database administrators and other staff as management deems fit
  • Managed and maintained the database
  • Produced a Standard Operations manual (SOP) and Training and practical manual



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