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Nowadays, companies of every size seek innovation. We are constantly sharing and offering strategic advice by leveraging knowledge across our clients in many industry verticals. We can help ensure your company is utilizing current technologies and staying ahead of the curve.

Technology should be a tool that enables you to focus on running your business more efficiently, securely and with peace-of-mind.

After supporting clients for more than 8 years, we understand that this proposition (that IT should simplify your life) can be easier said than done. This is why we provide straight-forward consulting services to help you understand your options to address some of today’s biggest challenges. We see our job as an Information Officer to act as your adviser while providing qualified third party consulting.

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Some clients we have consulted for


We provided technical support to DPPI of The Ministry of Health And Sanitation on the upgrade, maintenance and strengthening of the DHIS2 as well as mentoring and training of key relevant staffs in the DPPI

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The success and integrity of any system in the world today depends greatly on the quality and validity of its data which is translated into different forms of report for the use of both internal and external stakeholders of the organization.

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Development of a data management application that will enable Obio Cottage Hospital manage Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) scheme clients’ information.

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