HRHIS . . .

HRHIS, Human Resources for Health Information System is a tried and tested simple but robust HRIS web solution aimed at improving the planning and management of health workforce. It was developed by PATHS2/UKaid and ABT Associates Inc.

The software is used in capturing data and tracking the records of health workers in a particular location over a given period of time. This software also enables the effective generation of reports and analyses them to meet up with the various needs of key stakeholders in the health sector from the national level to the facility level.


The HRH Software is browser based application programmed in standard JAVA technology using MYSQL relational database system.
This software runs on both real-time and standalone basis with the aid of local server to enable connectivity with other users.



  • To manage human resource for health
  • To track health workers information (bio data, educational history, employment history and registration/licensing.
  • Health workforce planning and management (Enrollment into health institutions, Graduation, employment and professional practice)
  • To track in service activities (promotion, transfer, leave, discipline and continues career development)
  • Generation of parametric reports on various data elements using charts, graphs to suit the health sector reporting indicators