Health Insurance Scheme (H.I.S)

H.I.S software is a comprehensive web-based enrolment solution that is used for capturing related patients’ records and then tracking them at a particular location over a given enrolment time. The focus is to provide care and services and improve the level of care available to patient with safety program that will ensure that the clients receive a standard care that is safe, affordable and acceptable.
This software also enables the effective generation of reports and analyzes them to meet up with the various needs of key stakeholders in the insurance Scheme from the head of the Scheme to the facility level.


This Health Insurance Scheme software has some awesome biometric features using the latest technology and with the hash algorithm approach, it’s security level is on the high side. This software can run both on online and off-line instances as it is real-time based.


However, H.I.S is a comprehensive enrolment solution used in capturing data and tracking the records of patient in a particular location over a given enrolment time.


  • To manage Patient Information
  • To track health Patient information (bio data, enrolment period and hospital provisioning)
  • Health care or Insurance scheme planning and management (planning for Antenatal patient, postnatal patient, family members and others)
  • To track in service activities (total service render by the respective facility daily, monthly and annually)
  • Generation of patient reports.