Gopherwoods is purely powered by innovation taking on the technological sphere of Africa and beyond in totality to a higher level as it is the platform that showcases and connects our home-grown innovative software solutions, unique database driven products and mind-blowing model illustrations to the world. This platform is simply our brand



Health Insurance Scheme (H.I.S)

H.I.S software is a comprehensive web-based enrolment solution that is used for capturing related patients’ records and then tracking them at a particular location over a given enrollment time.



The HRH Software is browser based application programmed in standard JAVA technology using MYSQL relational database system.

This software runs on both real-time and standalone basis with the aid of local server to enable connectivity with other users.



The district health information software – DHIS2 is an opensource health information management software. Being a modular based software it is effectively used for data collection, analysis, reporting and aggregation of primary/demographic data, aggregate, survey related data.
Its model of data dimensions employed to captured discreet information have been deeply explored to give it an edge over other HMIS tools.



With many years of deploying enterprise and open source solutions to meet organisations specific needs Centrifuge is seasoned with technical and programmatic experts to deploy, customize and support a leading widely-used medical record system – OpenMRS.
OpenMRS is an open source application for both low and high budget organisations who would want to implement the solution to bring about superior services to their clients.



OpenEMR is an electronic health records and medical practice management application that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and many other platforms. OpenEMR is ONC certified and is one of the most popular open source electronic medical records in use today. OpenEMR is supported by a strong community of volunteers and professionals all with the common goal of making OpenEMR a superior alternative to its proprietary counterparts.