The district health information software – DHIS2 is an opensource health information management software. Being a modular based software it is effectively used for data collection, analysis, reporting and aggregation of primary/demographic data, aggregate, survey related data.
Its model of data dimensions employed to captured discreet information have been deeply explored to give it an edge over other HMIS tools.
It is reported also that the Ministry of Health at the Federal level have adopted the DHIS2 as the national HMIS reporting tool.
Centrifuge have customized and deployed over twenty (20) instances of DHIS2 for organisations National Agency for Food and Drug Control – NAFDAC and SFH among others as seen below and well over 2,000 individuals trained since inception.

With our integration module organisations can own their DHIS2 instances and or other software applications like SAP, CBHIS etc. to push/pull data into/from the national DHIS2 instances seamlessly at the click of a button.


Objectives of the DHIS2 implementation:

  1. To strengthen data entry
  2. To ensure that data entry officers enter data effectively into the DHIS2 application with little or no supervision.
  3. Follow up on improving the facilities listing in the DHIS2
  4. To carry out data irregularity checks
  5. To provide steps and guidelines in data analysis and data quality assurance on the DHIS2
  6. To further build capacity of personnel on areas requiring attention.