Computer Sales and Support

We are authorized channel reseller to

  • HEWLETT PACKARD (HP Consumables, HP Printers, HP Systems and HP Servers)
  •  DELL
  • ACER
  •  EPSON

More on Our Computer Sales and Support Services

We are known for seeking the best for our clients in any service we need to render, we deliver our product in good condition and promptly; also for our outstanding performance and excellent service delivery. We go the extra mile to please our customers as we supply quality consumables.

Some of our clients include:
SuNMaP – Support to Nigeria Malaria Programme, British Council – NSRP; Nigeria Stability and reconciliation Programme.

We have access to all the rights, technical support and universal warranty of all the respective manufacturers listed above.


  • Provision of post- sales services
  • Provision of cost effective products
  • Provision of genuine warranty
  • Access to Hp service centers
  • Access to our other services at a discounted rate
  • Discount on bulk purchases

Added services

Genuine Waranty

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