Before discussing the reasons why you should integrate mobile learning trends such as using Mobile Apps to access Information, let’s take a quick look at 3 important, basic aspects (What, Why, and How):

  1. What:What are mobile apps for learning?
  2. Why:Why you should invest on it?
  3. How:How exactly can they be integrated into your training strategy or how it will influence the election outcome?

What Are Mobile Apps For Learning?

Mobile apps are a type of delivery format designed for offline viewing of documents (i.e. accessing training material) on mobile devices. Although the document needs to be downloaded to the device first using internet connection, it can be accessed without internet access from the mobile device for subsequent visits once the training document have been downloaded to the device. Internet access might be necessary when it comes to adding additional features such as chat, video call, monitoring, performance evaluation etc.

Technology prevails now and people are increasingly taking to mobile apps and the number of mobile app downloads that take place every year justifies that. According to a report, the number of mobile apps that has been downloaded worldwide in 2017 stands at a whopping 2.5 million! It comes as no surprise that mobile app for training is an area you must invest on to get a better service delivery.

Centrifuge Group Mobile App for Learning


There’s a reason why organisations and companies are pumping money into mobile training technology and mobile app development year after year. Mobile apps are one of the hottest mobile training trends driving the market today. Some of the benefits of mobile apps are:

  • Ideal for people looking for information which will help in training electoral officers.
  • Suited for online as well as offline viewing.
  • Easy to access even during election
  • Facilitate higher completion rates.
  • Provide access to just-in-time information.
  • Ideal for performance support.


Mobile apps are a good fit for both formal as well as informal training.

They can be used to offer bite-sized formal training or supplement formal training.

When it comes to informal training needs, they are an ideal platform to offer Performance Support. They can be used as Performance Support Tools and embedded in the learner’s workflow. If they are made available to learners on their mobile devices, there will be greater chances of them using them for just-in-time information and on-the-job (During Election) support.

There are many ways to integrate mobile apps for learning into your learning strategy. Specifically:

  1. For primary learning (formal training).

Mobile apps can be used for formal training (The idea is instructing the trainers to download the created training mobile app and for them to go through it and ask questions on the chat box which can be embedded in the mobile app. After which their performance can be assessed online)

  1. As a supplement to formal training. 
    • They can be used as pre- and post- assessments for formal training (online or blended).
    • They can also be used to showcase videos, examples, and scenarios to reinforce learning.


Here is my list of 10 reasons why mobile apps are the right fit for your learning strategy:

  1. Flexibility of Usage (For Learners). 

According to a survey, people spend 30 hours a month on average on mobile apps. They have become part and parcel of people’s lives because of the flexibility and ease of looking up information that they offer. The power of mobile apps can be leveraged to offer training to learners even when they are not connected to internet.

  1. High Completion Rates. 

The anytime, anywhere flexibility that mobile learning technology and mobile apps offer help learners take the training when they “want to” rather than “have to”; thereby resulting in higher completion rates.

  1. Engaging. 

As a smartphone user, you’d know that pretty much everything you do –dropping in a message to someone, hunting for a restaurant nearby, getting your daily scoop of news, and so on– is through apps. You’ve ditched your traditional SMS and switched to WhatsApp messaging for a simple reason that it’s far more lively and engaging and comes with a host of features. The formats of mobile apps and mobile learning technology for learning are remarkably different from traditional eLearning. They provide very high engagement to learners thereby increasing recall and retention manifold.

  1. Easy To Push Updates. 

Mobile apps are extremely user-friendly and offer organizations the flexibility to easily push updates.

  1. Enable You To Further Leverage Trending Approaches. 

From the social media platform you visit most frequently to your favorite game on your mobile device, they all come packaged as mobile apps. Here’s a huge cue you can take to enhance the impact of your training using mobile apps. You can leverage further on trends like microlearning and social learning

  1. Can Be Adapted To Varied Training Needs. 

You can craft mobile apps for learning to address varied training needs including compliance, soft skills, electoral knowledge, and change management.

  1. Can Be Used For Performance Support. 

Mobile apps are designed to offer “just-in-time” information. They are ideal for Performance Support intervention and can directly influence the organizational mandate to push the learning acquisition to its application on the job.

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